Jul 8, 2010

Lindsay Lofasz and the Candy Cuntnection

Lindsay Lohan clearly never went to beauty school, although her over-processed mane suggests she might be getting her hair done at one.  If she had attended beauty college, she would have learned that rule #7 is Don't Talk Shit.  Yes Lindsay, this applies in court, too.

When she appeared in an LA court yesterday for her sentencing, she revealed a fresh, sherbet-colored manicure with "FUCK U" stenciled on the middle finger, which she displayed prominently for all--Judge Marsha Revel included--to see.

Gurrrrl, what were you thinking?

Lofasz I mean Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days in rehab in response to her parole violation, a judgment which Lollers I mean Lohan calls, "constitutionally perverted," a phrase that Tsada calls the best thing ever. 

I wish I had more to say about this, but Lindsay Lohan is the celebrity equivalent of Ambien these days.

Constitutional perversion (OMG I love it) aside, I will say that her polish job was beautifully done.  It makes me want to chop off her fingers at the first knuckle and eat them like Jordan Almonds.

Mmm...Jordan Almonds.
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the Tsaritsa said...

I thought this was gonna be about strawberry Quik. This is constitutionally perverted.

tsada kay said...

Cuntstitutionally perverted is the new hyphy, Tsarista.

Poe said...

They sentenced a thick meaty lofasz to jai-hole?!?

Stephen Faulk said...

I cunt get enough of your blog.

tsada kay said...

Aww...I cunt thank you enough!

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