Jul 22, 2010

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Proving once again that America loves to rally round a moron, “activists” in Walnut Creek, CA organized a demonstration Monday in support of Johannes Mehserle, the former BART Police officer convicted earlier this month of involuntary manslaughter for the 2009 killing of Oscar Grant at the Fruitvale BART station in Oakland. Mehserle contends he intended to draw his taser that fateful New Year's Eve, but accidentally grabbed his gun, subsequently killing the 22-year-old Grant on the BART platform.

Mehserle supporters declared the rally a show of unity and respect for law enforcement.

So, what happens when you fuck up and shoot a restrained, unarmed man in the back in public?  Evidently, you become a martyr and a poster child for stoicism in law enforcement.

It's kind of like when you proudly go on record as a hate-filled, racist cop, in turn pleading the Fifth in the trial of the century, thus arguably placing reasonable doubt in the mind of the jury that let O.J. Simpson walk free.  What happens?  Well, duh.  You're anointed a superstar and get a regular spot of Fox News.   

Or like when you denounce sex education and a woman's right to choose (even in cases of rape), and allow the RNC to orchestrate a marriage engagement between your teenage daughter and the inbred deer-in-the-headlights who impregnated her--you’re hailed a feminist by people who wear teabags on their heads.  Or, better yet, how about when you make up a word like "refudiate" on Twitter, and you and your minions declare you the next William Shakespeare? That and a view of Russia from your living room would score you a regular spot on Fox News, too--that is, if you didn't already have a regular spot on Fox News.

Alas, we will have to wait until Mehserle's sentencing (now delayed until November 5) to find out how long it will be until the premiere of The Johannes Mehserle Shoot 'Em Up News Hour on Fox.

Life really is like a box of chocolates, ain’t it? 

*Note:  The RNC refudiates all claims made in this post. 

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the Tsaritsa said...

The extremists are a scary lot. The hatred that their ignorance breeds is plentiful and widely broadcasted. Have you heard about this new mess that the right is making, trying to paint Shirley Sherrod as a racist?

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