Sep 7, 2010

Buddy, Can You Spare a Vote?

Who says there’s nothing green in the desert?


Steve May
Certainly not Republican candidate for Arizona State Legislature, Steve May.

May is credited with recruiting Thomas Meadows, Anthony Goshorn and Benjamin Pearcy, three homeless men from Tempe, Arizona, onto the Green Party ballot for the November election.

The New York Times reported that Democrats and Green Party members are outraged by what they view as a ploy by Republicans to use "fake" candidates (currently using a local Starbucks as their "campaign office") to throw the upcoming election. May denies such claims. NYT:

To make his point, Mr. May went by Starbucks, the gathering spot of the Mill Rats, as the frequenters of Mill Avenue are known. “Are you fake, Benjamin?” he yelled out to Mr. Pearcy, who cried out “No,” with an expletive attached.
“Are you fake, Thomas?” Mr. May shouted in the direction of Thomas Meadows, 27, a tarot card reader with less than a dollar to his name who is running for state treasurer. He similarly disagreed.
“Are you fake, Grandpa?” he said to Anthony Goshorn, 53, a candidate for the State Senate whose bushy white beard and paternal manner have earned him that nickname on the streets. “I’m real,” he replied.
Gathered around was a motley crew of people who were down on their luck, including a one-armed pregnant woman named Roxie whom Mr. May befriended sometime back and who introduced him to the rest. much as I'd like to believe his intentions are pure in kicking it with pregnant amputee transients, I don't know about this.   Something's rotten in Arizona, and this time it's not Jan Brewer's bacterial vaginosis flaring up again.

A Republican organizing the homeless? On behalf of the Green Party? It’s about as counter-intuitive as a gay man representing a political party that has largely worked to deny gays and lesbians the right to marry or serve openly in the military.

Oh, except wait--it appears that, in addition to being Arizona's latest creator of Green Jobs for the homeless, Steve May is also a gay man who has served both in the U.S. Army, as well as on the National Board of Log Cabin Republicans

Ugh. My head hurts. I think I'll go to Starbucks.
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the Tsaritsa said...

*bangs head on desk*

The Lazy Paperboy said...

of course his intentions are anything but pure and there's definitely plenty rotten in arizona (let's not lay off the crazy governor, though, please, she is far too entertaining ... but that's the way this game is played.

Another look at this story from your friends at Jr Deputy Accountant ... ;)

tsada kay said...

Nicely put, as usual, TLP and JDR.

*rubs Alexandra's head*

Insectman said...
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