Sep 5, 2010

Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged by Strippers

Proving, once again, that God don't like ugly but He sure do love funny, strippers from The Fox Hole in Warsaw, Ohio have flipped the script on nearby New Beginnings Ministries, picketing the church in the same manner in which Pastor Bill Dunfee and his congregants have been protesting outside the strip club for the past four years.

The Fox Hole is closed each week on Sunday, when strippers take to the church grounds with lawn chairs and picket signs. Clad in bikinis and booty shorts, the women are protesting the actions of church members, whom they say have harassed both employees and customers of the club, not only during their nightly picket rallies, but also by posting photographs of patrons' license plates on the Internet.

As a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, it's hard for me to imagine a world where strippers are regarded as anything short of heavenly bodies.  That said, The Fox Hole appears to be nothing like our glitzy Gold Club, nor its dancers anything like the significantly "enhanced" Barbie dolls that grace its high-budget stage.  Instead, The Fox Hole is a glorified shack in a village of 900 people, its strippers regular women, some well into their forties, with imperfect bodies that many of them earned bearing the children they now work to support. In addition, this is not an all-nude revue spot; dancers at the Hole strip down only to panties and pasties onstage. Indeed, it's the kind of strip club that I'd probably work at if I were a stripper, that is if I had any upper body strength and a modicum of rhythm. 

The women of The Fox Hole say the constant harassment from churchgoers has cost them a significant amount of business over the years. One stripper told the Associated Press that she made $30 instead of [the usual] couple hundred dollars last Friday with the protesters outside.  She is a mother of four. Now remind me again, who exactly are the congregants punishing with their actions? 

Well, to be fair, Dunfee claims he's offered to help the strippers pay for food, rent, utilities and gas if they leave The Fox Hole.  If he's serious about supporting seven strippers and their hungry families in the name of Jesus, then that's a pretty lofty proposal--one that kind of makes you wonder what kind of "side job" a small-town pastor must be working to bring in that kind of extra cash. 

I'm just saying...

You can watch video of the strippers' protest here.
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Unknown said...

I often fall asleep dreaming about stumbling into a place like the Fox Hole and meeting a dancer named Jizzabelle. It is love at first site and I promptly make her my wife.

Oh, but it isn't an easy life for us, but it sure is a passionate one and never a dull moment presents itself.

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