Jan 19, 2011

Is Glenn Beck the Tea Party's Answer to Dr. Phil?

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"I was a very bad man."

Can I haz creepy book cover?
Thus spake cuntservative commentator and recently self-anointed life coach Glenn Beck on this morning's Today show, during a plug for his newly released self-help book, The 7

Um, "was"?  Really?  It seems we can now add verb tense conjugation to the list of elementary school topics in which Beck could use a brush-up course. 

He later sparred with host Meredith Vieira, when she questioned him about his book's emphasis on the importance of "letting go of anger". 

The Huffington Post:

She noted that one of the things he advocates in the book is letting go of anger, and that, especially in the wake of the Arizona shooting, critics have accused him of "adding to this dialogue with hatred." She tried to run through a list of some of his more controversial statements, and they talked over each other as each tried to make their points.

So, along with "Historian" and "Civil Rights Activist", Glenn Beck now also claims the painfully ironic title of "Anger Management Counselor"?  Good to know. 

The 7 is subtitled, Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life. Personally, I think he could have picked a catchier header for his self-help debut.  Here are my own top ten picks in that regard:

1. I’m Okay, You’re a Socialist
2. How to Win Ratings and Influence Sociopaths
3. Tuesdays With Moron
4. Eat, Pray, Hate
5. Who Moved My Klonipin?
6. Xenophobia and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
7. When Black Things Happen to White People
8. Chicken Soup for the Soulless
9. Proselytizing for Dummies
10. What Color Is Your Straightjacket?

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The Lazy Paperboy said...

The Mormon Tabernacle Crier

tsada kay said...

I think I'll swap out Proselytizing for Dummies for that one, TLP!

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