Jul 6, 2013

Tastes Like Chickampf

Oh boy.  

I step away from this blog for a hot minute and THIS HAPPENS?!

Hitler. Chicken.


Of course, I’ve previously discussed at length the possibility glaring probability that Colonel Sanders was a sadistic muthafucka, so the fact that an asshole like Hitler is jumping on the 11 herbs and spices bandwagon isn’t a huge surprise to me.  But what is a huge surprise is that the big H is now endorsing CHICKEN.  

I mean, wasn’t this dickhead a vegetarian?

Turns out, Hitler did follow a predominantly vegetarian diet, but only because he had gastrointestinal issues.  
Well that makes me feel a little bit better; Hitler wasn’t an animal lover or an environmentalist, he was just gassy.

So if the Germanic Führer was plagued with gassy gut and leaky butt, how in the name of all that is Regular and Extra Crispy did he become the new face of Southern cooking?
I don't know about you, but I know who I blame.  I'm not gonna name names, but let's just say it rhymes with "maul a spleen".

Image via www.ghettoredhot.com.

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The Lazy Paperboy said...

You didn't say Hitler and gassy, did you?

tsada kay said...


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